10 Things You Should Know About Brewed IN the Fort

1: All Indiana Breweries

Brewed IN the Fort Craft Beer Fest capitalizes the “IN” for a reason. It’s all about the Indiana pride. That Independent beer made by the hardest working brewers anywhere! Maybe some beer drinkers don’t care what they drink, but you have a more discerning palate. You realize there is a lot of great beer in your own backyard. That’s why we put on this event. To showcase the best that Indiana beer has to offer!

2: Local Food

Craving some Cuban? Pining for Pizza? Baying for Barbeque? Tickled by Tex-Mex? Burning for Burgers? Dancing for some dogs? Well we’ve got 6 local food vendors ready to serve you a satisfying plate to soak up those local suds you are sipping.

3: Local Music

Our good friends Rogues and Bandits, Horizon Arcs and Three Cities will be jammin’ all throughout the event. So when you’ve had too much beer, you can dance off that energy you wild thing you!

4: It benefits the Fort Wayne Trails

You can enjoy over 300 beers at Brewed IN the Fort while also helping a great cause! BITF2018 we raised $19,500 for the Fort Wayne Trails to keep our cities interconnected with trails and bike paths. Check them out here:https://www.fwtrails.org/

If you really want to help their cause, they are selling Trails VIP tickets which include some very special amenities while raising some serious cash for Fort Wayne Trails. It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

5: It says goodbye to summer and hello to autumn (always beautiful weather)

Early September is perfect weather to be outside. Just leaving Labor Day behind, we now look forward to those cool crisp nights in autumn! No matter what Indiana weather may throw at us, it is a perfect spot to enjoy beer and the company of others at Headwaters Park. Under the big pavillion it stays cool and beautiful….just like those Indiana beers.

6: Connect with local homebrew clubs

Wanting to connect with likeminded beer fanatics? Step on up to the Girl Pint Out, MASH, and Pour Misfits booths. They are homebrewers, local beer enthusiasts, and creative souls set to start you on the path to beer righteousness. You can taste their delicious wares, and learn how you can start making your own beer at home! Often many of these members go on to start their own breweries or other beer savvy industries.

7: Meet the Brewmasters behind the brew

Brewed IN the Fort has one rule. The brewery has to send someone working directly for their company. When you taste the beer, the representatives can talk about the stories behind the beer. They will tell bad jokes while answering technical questions about what makes their beer special.

8: Connect with the Northern IN Beer Trail and the Brewers of Indiana Guild

Ifyou live in Northern Indiana or even if you are just visiting. Stop by the Northern Indiana Beer Trail booth to grab a passport. Once you’ve obtained your passport you can visit all the local area brewpubs, get your passport stamped, and win prizes for your travels!

The Indiana Brewers Guild will be on hand if you wish to join at the state level. You can learn about all the great work they do keeping the laws friendly to craft brewers in Indiana as well as score some awesome merch. They also setup the biggest and best craft beer festivals in the state, so check them out to learn more about upcoming events.

9: Every guest gets a beautiful full size tasting glass

Samples are 2 oz pours, but you will enjoy the beauty and style of a 13oz glass. Custom printed and yours for the keeping at the end of the event! Once safely home, it is yours to look upon fondly of your amazing time at Brewed IN the Fort Craft Beer Festival.

10: This is the 21st Annual festival (from humble beginnings)

Brewed IN the Fort Craft Beer Festival is turning 21! Amazing! It started off as Oktobeerfest back in 1998. Just a small collection of breweries and beer fans in the parking lot of Mad Anthony Brewing on Broadway and Taylor street. Since then, it has continued to grow and evolve. Now with over 55 breweries attending in downtown Fort Wayne, the only thing missing is YOU! Become a part of history and join us for Fort Wayne’s Premier Craft Beer Event. #BITF2019 will be one for the books and we are excited to see you there.


Heading to Brewed IN the Fort 2018? Follow these tips for the perfect Brewed IN experience! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for??? Head to www.brewedinthefort.com to pick them up!

TIP #1 Get your crew together

Make sure you've got your festival dream team with you. Got a friend who loves IPA's? Another who is more of a stout connoisseur? Maybe you've got a friend who likes good food, music, but isn't that much into beer? Looks like you just found a Designated Driver. Lavish them with gifts and praise as much as possible. When you have the right group mix, you go from craft beer novice to festival professional. Don't forget to document your day with the hashtag #INtheFort2018.


TIP #2 Plan your day

With so many beers, meads, and ciders its a good idea to plan your route. Maybe you see a couple newcomers you've never been introduced to before? Maybe you've got some favorites that you always need to get to. When is a good time to take a restroom break, food break, music break, or just a quiet moment in the grassy fields outside the pavilion? Whatever your strategy and speed, you can check out the festival map and begin your planning HERE.


TIP #3 Stay hydrated!

Enjoy yourself responsibly and remember to enjoy some water. This year Aqua Systems is hooking us up with hydration stations for all your H2O needs. Enjoy a glass from time to time or after every sampling. You'll feel better and save yourself the literal and figurative headache later on. 


TIP #4 Drink and learn at the same time!

Got a question about a beer style? Wondering what the process is for adding hops or other ingredients to your favorite beer? Ask the brewer! What's great about BITF is that every table is stationed with a knowledgeable representative of the brewery and the brewing process. They are happy to help you learn what makes their beer the "beeriest". That's not a real word. How about what goes into the process of "beerification". Oof that was actually worse than the first time. You know what...when you get to the festival you can learn all about it. 


TIP #5 Get home safely!

Being so centrally located to downtown, you are walking distance from many fine restaurants and places to chill. Make sure that you have a designated driver, Uber or Lyft app, or a safe means of transportation to keep yourself and those around you safe. 

That's it! You are on your way to an awesomely fun BITF2018! For more information, and for those of you that are dangerously close to missing out by not buying tickets this late in the game...go to www.brewedinthefort.com.

We can't wait to see you there!

Your Brewed IN the Fort Survival Guide in 6 GIFS!

Brewed IN the Fort 2017 is almost upon us. If you haven't snagged your tickets, do so right HERE!

We've put together a helpful list of how you can make the most of your #INTHEFORT2017 experience.


1.  Take a look at the festival map and plan your route. Check it here!

With over 50 Indiana breweries, you are going to want a plan of attack. Are you a VIP? Then you have an extra hour to meander and meet the brewers without any lines. General Admission ticket? Then you will have 4 hours to visit all your favorite beer and cider making friends!


2.  Pace yourself. Enjoy your samples, don't chug. 

At Brewed IN the Fort there will be over 300 beers to sample! That means if you had 1oz of everything available you would drink over 18 pints of beer. Clearly, that's A LOT of beer, so be sure to take it slow and know your limits.
That of course leads us to...


3.  Food is your friend. Like...best friends for life.

The fine folks at Shigs in Pit BBQ, Affine, Ragin' Cajun, Bravas, and Who Cut the Cheese are available for the entire fest to help you with your hunger. Don't drink on an empty stomach! Grab some grub at the local food corner for all your nutritional needs


4. Feeling beat? THEN DANCE!

Need to put on your red shoes and dance the blues? Studies show that dancing helps you burn off those beer carbs and help you feel better! We've got Rogues and Bandits, Trichotomous Hippopotamus, and Three Cities coming to help you get your groove back. It's not unusual to feel this good at a beer fest. 


5.  Secure safe transportation home.

If you don't have a friend with a designated driver ticket, fear not! Headwaters Park East is centrally located downtown you can easily grab a Lyft, Uber, or Taxi ride from the park. Remember, a $10 ride is way cheaper than the cost of a DUI. 



It's going to be a gorgeous day on fest day. A high of 75 degrees, with sunny skies. We look forward to seeing you at Brewed IN the Fort 2017!