Your Brewed IN the Fort Survival Guide in 6 GIFS!

Brewed IN the Fort 2017 is almost upon us. If you haven't snagged your tickets, do so right HERE!

We've put together a helpful list of how you can make the most of your #INTHEFORT2017 experience.


1.  Take a look at the festival map and plan your route. Check it here!

With over 50 Indiana breweries, you are going to want a plan of attack. Are you a VIP? Then you have an extra hour to meander and meet the brewers without any lines. General Admission ticket? Then you will have 4 hours to visit all your favorite beer and cider making friends!


2.  Pace yourself. Enjoy your samples, don't chug. 

At Brewed IN the Fort there will be over 300 beers to sample! That means if you had 1oz of everything available you would drink over 18 pints of beer. Clearly, that's A LOT of beer, so be sure to take it slow and know your limits.
That of course leads us to...


3.  Food is your friend. friends for life.

The fine folks at Shigs in Pit BBQ, Affine, Ragin' Cajun, Bravas, and Who Cut the Cheese are available for the entire fest to help you with your hunger. Don't drink on an empty stomach! Grab some grub at the local food corner for all your nutritional needs


4. Feeling beat? THEN DANCE!

Need to put on your red shoes and dance the blues? Studies show that dancing helps you burn off those beer carbs and help you feel better! We've got Rogues and Bandits, Trichotomous Hippopotamus, and Three Cities coming to help you get your groove back. It's not unusual to feel this good at a beer fest. 


5.  Secure safe transportation home.

If you don't have a friend with a designated driver ticket, fear not! Headwaters Park East is centrally located downtown you can easily grab a Lyft, Uber, or Taxi ride from the park. Remember, a $10 ride is way cheaper than the cost of a DUI. 



It's going to be a gorgeous day on fest day. A high of 75 degrees, with sunny skies. We look forward to seeing you at Brewed IN the Fort 2017!